The tactics to drive your transformation

Do you need external support to lead your transformations? OPUSnet supports you in implementing your strategy.

Portfolio Management

The main mission of the Portfolio is to plan realisation of the strategy. By creating and managing corporate values, it ensures a permanent alignment of values incorporating required changes in the Vision and its Objectives.

The Project Portfolio provides an overview of all programmes, projects and operations.

The status of resources and risks summarized in dashboards give management a decision-making tool to determine when to attempt an innovation.

OPUSnet's portfolio expertise is an asset you can utilise to manage the values of your company.

Business Relationship Management (BRM)

A strategic role (CBRM): in line with the strategy, the BRM helps develop the relationship between the service provider and the Business to optimize corporate values. It must also ensure that the processes and structures meet the expectations of the strategy.

A tactical role: that of Conductor between resources and capacities, a facilitator.

The Business Relationship Manager deals in "soft skills"; he must gain the trust of his interlocutors to influence and develop relationships for the benefit of the company.

This role of tactician, still unknown in Europe, plays a central role in the evolution of your digital maturity. OPUSnet proposes to be your Conductor.

Transformation management

Transformation planning highlights the impact of change on the business, revealing the need for urgency, driving transformation.

Evaluating the impact of change makes it possible to anticipate the redistribution of resources and allows each role to project itself into the change.

The creation of a transition network with roles and KPIs makes it possible to support the transformation and report its progress.

OPUSnet, your Partner in the management of your transformation.


Knowing how to automate the processing of the growing amount of data in synthetic dashboards brings their interpretation down to a level that can be managed on a human scale.

Tracking over time identifies trends necessary for making strategic decisions.

By crossing data from Digital Maturity, Portfolio and transformation, it becomes possible to optimize and innovate.

This is the world of Business Intelligence where OPUSnet brings you its expertise.